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What is the difference between the "Exchange" and "Trading"modes?

StockPoint makes every effort to provide the most convenient and comfortable trading mode for its users. It is for this reason that we have taken into account the needs of experienced users as well as those users who simply do not have enough time or desire to understand every aspect of the trading process.

On StockPoint it is possible to carry out trades in two modes:

  1. The "Exchange" mode is ideal for those who want to buy or sell cryptocurrency, but:
    • use this platform for the first time in their lives and are not yet familiar with all its features;
    • not interested in trading and just want to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies because they believe that within a few years these cryptocurrencies will grow in value;
    • do not want to understand the details of the process, but think that they can predict changes in exchange rates and want to make money on it.
  2. The "Trading" mode is intended for those who want to buy or sell cryptocurrency/Fiat money, and who have experience in trading on similar platforms or who have at least carefully read the FAQ. They are very interested in trading, as well as in additional tools for in-depth trading. Thus, each user can choose the trading mode that best suits him.

Please note that in the "Exchange" mode there is no fixed rate, since the StockPoint platform is an exchange, not an exchanger, so the rates are taken based on the orders of other users in the "Trades"section.

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