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How to start trading on StockPoint?

You must create an account to get started. Then Deposit funds to the account using one of the methods specified on the Wallet tab. After depositing, the user will be able to buy or sell cryptocurrencies using simple or advanced trading features.The StockPoint cryptocurrency platform automatically finds the best deals for the user and displays all transactions on the main page and in the account profile.

What is a Simple buy/sell order?

This is an order that is executed as soon as there is a suitable counter order, at your price or more profitable. If there is no suitable counter order to fully execute your order, but there is a counter order that can partially fulfill your request, then your order will be executed partially, and the remaining part will remain in the glass and will wait for the appropriate orders.

What is a buy/sell Order on the market?

This is an order that is executed immediately at the market price (at the top price of the "glass"). If the placed order can't be executed completely at the top price, it will be executed in parts, starting from the top and going down the glass, until it is fully executed.

Where does the money I lost trading on your stock goes?

The exchange does not buy or sell, we only provide the opportunity to exchange between users. All your funds go to the profile, to the users of the exchange.

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