Kontrollimise kohta

Verification is required to comply with KYC/AML requirements. Verification allows us to quickly restore the user's account in case of hacking. To withdraw Fiat currency verification is required.

Verification consists of three elements:

  1. Name verification fields are Filled in: surname, name, patronymic (if provided). Photo/scan of passport or ID card is loaded.
  2. Loaded a photo/scan of the receipt on payment of municipal services or a photo/scan of the passport page with the residence permit. Other documents confirming the place of residence are allowed.
  3. Identity verification. Fields are filled in: passport series and number, issued by whom, country of issue. Self-photo with passport or ID card is loaded. The photo should show the face and passport in hand. The passport must be clearly visible, the fields of the passport are not covered by hand or any other items.

General requirements for document images:

  1. documents the text of which is stated in Cyrillic or Latin letters shall be verified.
  2. all scanned copies or photos of documents are in color only:
    • accepted only in jpg or png formats, with a resolution of 300dpi or more, the file Size should not exceed 2 MB
    • the document must be fully visible. The document must not contain any foreign objects, flash marks.
    • the background of the document should be uniform
    • any actions to change the image of the document in the editor are prohibited. Photo or scan copy must be original without editing.

Attention! The information on the documents should be easy to read. Use only original documents.

The verification procedure takes up to 72 hours. If any of the rules are violated, verification will not be approved.

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