List of white IP addresses.

When you select the IP Whitelist tab in the Security section, you can create a trusted IP address or a list of trusted IP addresses. This means that the use of the account will be possible only from the specified IP-address (address list).

Before adding an IP address-make sure that it is not dynamic, but static.

Dynamic addresses are not permanent addresses, and you cannot log in again from a dynamic address. Having registered a dynamic address in the whitelist, you will not be able to log into your account at the end of the session. We recommend that you disable VPN services when configuring IP whitelists because they can change the external IP addresses of the client.

To create a white IP address, enter the desired IP address in the "Add IP address" window and click "Add".

For your convenience, we determine your current IP address automatically, and you can see the field already filled.

To create a list of trusted IP addresses, enter the IP address you want in the "Add IP address" window and click the "Add" button, then specify the next IP address you want to add to the list in the "Add IP address" window and click the "Add" button. Thus, you can enter the number of IP addresses you need.

In a private office available authorization history. History shows when and from which devices you were logged in. If you see any suspicious activity, please report it to support.